Videos of the Interactive Slide

The Interactive Slide

See in this video how is the Interactive Slide set-up:


Games Time-line

The first game designed for the Interactive Slide before the crafti project. Demoed at the EU event the Night of Researchers:

The first game tested for control of the amount of physical activity on the Interactive Slide before the crafti project. Tested at the EU event ESOF (European Science Open Forum):

The first version of the Balloons Game (before crafti ) an evolved version of which has been used in crafti :


An evolved version of Baloons game used in the first test within crafti :

A game to test the educational potential of the Interactive Slide (project outside crafti ):

The most recent game (2012) used in crafti and co-designed by a group of 50 children:


Finally, a video explaining the whole philosophy behind the design of Balloon and Fish Game: